Projet COP 22


Yann Faisant is showing “OPUS MAGNUM” a performance thought of an exact and well documented observation of the golden ratio and the divine proportion presence IN NATURE.

A part of Opus Magnum is a set of seven sculptures – apples made of bronze and 24-carat gold, and varying in diameter from 7.6 cm to 137 cm (3 to 54 inches arranged in line, which comes with the thirteen Work, an INFLATABLE SCULPTURE.

The 7 sculptures on the ground, around which, the public is moving, contrasts with the 13 Work rising and in that way opens THE ARTISTIC AND GEOGRAPHICAL POSSIBILITIES.

Opus Magnum, an environmental and esthetical message

Roaming is an integral part of the Opus Magnum work. The journey does relocates the artist at THE HEART OF THE ESTHETICAL AND ECOLOGICAL COMMITMENT by allowing the work to both MAGNIFY THE SITE on which it is presented and be magnified by it.

Reflecting the itinerant spirit of Opus Magnum, Yann Faisant wishes to conclude AGREEMENTS with various places, cities, sites and offer them, with the presence and exhibition of his Opus Magnum, a vision that differs from the alarmism often found in ecological messages.

Indeed through the beauty, the aestheticism and the perfection of the work, which was built according to the Fibonacci sequence, the artist creates an INTERACTION between the artwork and the site, with the LATTER’s BEAUTY responding to the FORMER’s PERFECTION.

Cop 22 Project

During COP22 which will takes place in November 2016 in Marrakech, Yann Faisant is proposing to take pictures, using the BALLOON as an ecological way to travel, of his sculptures‘s installations in different places in Marrakech which will have been chosen for their special ECOLOGICALLY, ESTHETICALLY or HISTORICALLY features.

The aim is to attract people attention on what we need to PRESERVE through a positive message, BEAUTY but also create for the future generation, MEMORIES of the Place for which their parents and grand- parents were fighting to preserve.

A book will be edited